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 1) The following sign indicates:
[A] There is a dead-end ahead
[B] Authorized vehicles are not allowed beyond this point   
[C] Only authorized vehicles are allowed beyond this point 
[D] No vehicles are allowed beyond this point


 2) The above sign warns motorists of: 
[A]  A winding road
[B]  A damaged road
[C] A slippery road
[D] A and C


 3) The above sign tells motorists to:
[A] Rail crossing ahead, use caution
[B] Yield at the single rail crossing point ahead
[C] Yield at the rail crossing point ahead
[D] Single rail crossing ahead, use caution


 4) This sign indicates:
[A] There is a crossroads up ahead
[B] There is a crossroad on a priority road ahead
[C] There is a secondary crossroad ahead and you must stop or yield
[D] There is a bridge crossroad ahead


 5) The above sign tells motorists to:
[A] Keep right
[B] Keep right only, proceed cautiously
[C] Proceed cautiously
[D] A and C


 6) How close to a bridge may a driver park their vehicle:
[A] At least 10 m away
[B] At least 6 m away  
[C] At least 12 m away  
[D] At least 4 m away  


 7) Which one of the following is the recommended following distance for all speeds:
[A] 10 seconds
[B] 8 seconds
[C] 6 seconds
[D] 2 seconds


 8) When approaching a four-way stop:
[A] Yield to traffic from your right
[B] The person who indicates first, should be the first to proceed  
[C] Slow your vehicle down and if safe to do so proceed
[D] The first vehicle to stop and indicate, first to proceed, if safe


 9) How long may a vehicle be parked in one spot on a public road in a rural area without been towed away:
[A] 3 days
[B] 5 days
[C] 1 day
[D] 4 days


 10) When turning at an intersection:
[A] You may overtake another vehicle when turning right
[B] You may overtake another vehicle when turning left
[C] You may overtake on the shoulder
[D] None of the above  



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