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--> A learner’s licence is a provisional licence that certifies that you have a basic knowledge of driving a motor vehicle. Learner’s licence codes are divided into three categories that each has an age specification attached to it.

Code 1: Any motorcycle
  • Motorcycle up to 125cc - 16 years old.
  • Motorcycle above 125cc - 18 years old.
Code 2: Light motor vehicle
  • Light motor vehicle - 17 years old.
Code 3: Any other motor vehicle or combination of motor vehicle -18 years old. Applicants will not be tested on the day of appointment and the waiting period for a test differs from municipality to municipality. A learner’s licence is valid for 18 months and cannot be extended.
Steps to follow 
  • Complete form (LL1) at your local testing centre.
  • Produce your identity document or temporary ID and submit a certified copy of that document.
  • Submit two black and white ID photos.
  • You will be required to undergo an eye test at the testing centre.
  • Pay the prescribed fee.
Service standard The learner's licence is issued on the same day.
Province Booking fee Issue fee
Eastern Cape  R162      R51
Free State  R95  R65
Gauteng  R95  R55
KwaZulu-Natal  R115  R55
Limpopo  R135  R55
Mpumalanga  R120  R35
Northern Cape  R85  R50
North West  R95  R55
Western Cape  R95  R55
Forms to complete  Application for a learner's licence, LL1, is available at the driver's licence testing centre
  • Learner’s licences are in three categories -
  • a. Code 01 - Motor Cycle
    b. Code 02 - Light Motor Vehicle
    c. Code 03 - Heavy Motor Vehicle
  • There are age restrictions on each class of learners licence.
  • a. Applicants need to be 16 years and older for a code 01 learners.
    b. Applicants need to be 17 years and older for a code 02 learners.
    c. Applicants need to be 18 years and older for a code 03 learners.
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